Asadero Los Cabritos

Asadero Los Cabritos: El Verdadero Sabor del Cabrito!

Owners Adan Perez and Anabel Ramirez are 100% involved in every aspect of their restaurant, Asadero Los Cabritos Restaurante. Just walk in on any given day. You will see Adan invested in every part of the kitchen’s activities and you will catch a glimpse of Anabel greeting every hungry customer as they walk in.

They are famous for their cabrito al pastor. Try it guisado or fritada if you’re feeling adventurous. They pride themselves on their authentic charro beans, which are a customer favorite. Of course, if cabrito is not what you’re in the mood for, every kind of classic Mexican dish is also served; fajita panchos, machito asado, salads, hamburgers and fries, tacos, quesadillas, T bone steaks, ribeyes, and parrilladas.

The original restaurant is located in Colonia Cumbres in Reynosa. They use that restaurant as the blue print for everything they stand for at their Mission location. They stick to the way they serve in Mexico. “When people want to go to a Mexican restaurant, they want to experience the Mexican food, not the Tex-Mex food. There is a BIG difference”, Ramirez says. From the kind of cheese to the impeccable customer service, they are true to their roots.  “Everybody is royalty here.”

A proud member of the Greater Mission chamber of Commerce, Asadero Los Cabritos Restaurante also actively participates in the GoMission discount program. Present your card at the register to receive 15% off your entire check!

Asadero Los Cabritos Restaurante is located at 1512 E. Expressway 83 Suite 104 in Mission. For more information, call 956-585-5351.