2021 Ambassador Program

The mission of the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program is to promote

member engagement and retention by:

• Raising awareness of Chamber activities and benefits to the community

• Informing and involving new Chamber members to promote strong

continuing membership

• Encouraging meaningful participation in the Chamber’s programs

• Serving as a liaison between the Chamber staff and membership


Who are the Chamber Ambassadors?

The Ambassador Program consists of volunteers who are current Chamber members who donate their time to assist the Chamber in various activities. Ambassadors serve a term of one calendar year. Ambassadors can continue to serve after the one-year term if agreed upon by the Ambassador and the Chamber President.


Program Benefits for the Ambassadors

• Increased name and face recognition / your business or organization

• Ample networking opportunities

• Increased referral opportunities through other Ambassadors

• Potential media coverage from attendance at Chamber events

• Gain an insider’s perspective of the local business community

• Opportunity to meet local business and community leaders

• Chance to help the community and show community pride


Ideal Ambassadors are:

• Current members of the Chamber of Commerce

• Have employer’s approval to participate in the program

• Participate in the Ambassador Orientation Program

• Serve for a period of at least one year

• Always promoting the Chamber in a positive manner Service Opportunities and Responsibilities


As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to select your participation with Chamber activities. The opportunities may vary from year to year, but can include:

• Assisting at the welcome/registration table at Chamber some events/meetings

• Attending ribbon cutting / grand opening celebrations

• Serving as a mentor for new Chamber members

• Serve as a welcoming committee for new Chamber members

• Refer potential members and ambassadors to the Chamber staff

• Promote and spread the word about Chamber activities

Interested Chamber members should be willing to become actively involved with various events and committees of the Chamber. Only with this kind of commitment can the group achieve its goals and maintain its standard of excellence and service to the Chamber.

Opportunities are generally filled first-come, first-serve.


If interested in becoming a Chamber Champion, please email amanda@missionchamber.com


The primary mission is the retention of existing Brandon Chamber Members, enlistment of new members, and goodwill representatives of the Chamber at a variety of functions. This energetic group of people helps maintain contact with other Chamber members while promoting the Chamber of Commerce and its purpose.

For more information regarding Team GoMission, 
please contact The Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce. Call: 956-585-2727