Team GoMission


The Team GoMission program is part of the Chamber’s business outreach efforts. By giving their time to help businesses grow and achieve successful results, Team GoMission contributes to the overall economic health and growth of the Mission business community.

Team GoMission is a group of goodwill representatives. They are professional liaisons to the business community and strengthen the Chamber’s relationship to its members and the community. Team GoMission are active members of the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce, they provide an important member-to-member link by understanding and responding to member needs as only another member can.

Each month, Team GoMission dedicates time to interact with other business entrepreneurs, professionals, volunteers and other individuals on behalf of the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce in person and by telephone. Team GoMission encourages members to become involved and help them to learn more about Chamber programs and initiatives. Team GoMission takes new members under their wing, fosters communication between the chamber staff and members and generally acts as the eyes and ears of the Chamber in the community.

What are Team GoMission Member benefits?
Team GoMission members develop new business contacts in the Mission area while increasing the community-wide recognition for themselves and their companies. Team members learn new skills by working side by side with other talented professionals who work within the Greater Mission Area. Annually, Team GoMIssion Members of the Year receive a plaque and recognition at our Annual Banquet. There are numerous other benefits this team receives and are explained in depth with the staff.

How do Team GoMission Members benefit the Chamber?
Team Members integrate chamber members into the Chamber’s programs and services by meeting and greeting members at Coffee Connections, Business After Hours, Ribbon Cuttings and other events. This team helps find, train, and equip businesses that use and benefit from the GoMission program. They help with membership retention through personal contact and keeping new members as informed and involved as possible. They promote attendance and participation at Chamber events, and help publicize Chamber events.

How does a Mission area businessperson become a Team GoMission Member?
Interested Chamber members should be willing to become actively involved with various events and programs of the Chamber. Only with this kind of commitment can the group achieve its goals and maintain its standard of excellence and service to the Chamber. Your involvement as an Team GoMission Member is a volunteer representing the Chamber to the business and professional community.

Team Members must make commitments to attend Coffee Connections, Business After Hours, ribbon cuttings, and other events.

Requirements to remain a member of Team GoMission:
Diligently attend the meetings and various events of the Chamber. Be a member in good standing of The Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce and participate in programs and activities sponsored by the Chamber. Participation in the Team GoMission program requires a commitment on both the part of the member and his/her company.  Team Members are asked to make a one-year commitment to the program. Team Members can expect to spend 3-4 hours per month fulfilling expectations.

Each Team Member receives a Team GoMission polo. It helps identify those who are active in the group. It helps promote the GoMission program and facilitates our activities as official representatives of the Chamber.


The primary mission is the retention of existing Brandon Chamber Members, enlistment of new members, and goodwill representatives of the Chamber at a variety of functions. This energetic group of people helps maintain contact with other Chamber members while promoting the Chamber of Commerce and its purpose.

For more information regarding Team GoMission, 
please contact The Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce. Call: 956-585-2727