In need of a Spring Break adventure? Mission has just the thing.

With March upon us, everyone probably has one question hovering somewhere in their mind: What’s the plan for Spring Break?

No need to worry though, because your Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce has a variety of members who offer an assortment of options for those who want to stay closer to home during the break.

All of these members provide families and friends a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, especially as spring rolls in. Plus, as an added bonus for parents, you can keep the learning going by visiting these local attractions, regardless of what age your kid is.

  1. Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park

2800 S Bentsen Palm Dr

Mission, TX 78572


This wonderful outdoor destination highlights one of the unsung treasures of the Rio Grande Valley: the extensive variety of bird that can be found here. More than 525 species have been observed in the Valley and Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park boasts 358 of them within the park.

As a visitor, you can see birds as they migrate through the Valley. Features like the park’s Hawk Tower, enclosed bird blinds, and feeding stations, let you enjoy a closer encounter with the birds. There are also a number of species, like the Green Jay and the Great Kiskadee, that you won’t be able find anywhere else in the country.

The visitor center facilities boast a bilingual staff who are willing to help you with any questions you might have. In addition, you have the choice between walking and riding a bike through the park if you want to get a little exercise and sun, or you can blissfully relax on a shuttle ride.

  1. National Butterfly Center

3333 Butterfly Park Drive

Mission, TX 78572


As the name suggests, the National Butterfly Center is home to a variety of species of another winged creature – butterflies! Altogether, you can find over 300 species in the lower Rio Grande Valley and over 200 at this facility alone. Of the 300, about half are North American species that can’t be found anywhere else.

Don’t think that we’re trying to overemphasize the uniqueness of what you can see here; keep in mind that this center is the main facility of the North American Butterfly Association! It’s open daily with the focus of educating the public about just how important butterflies are in maintaining the ecosystems they live in and how they act as renewable food resources for a number of other animals.

The center collaborates with organizations like the National Park Service to ensure the survival of species like the Monarch on their migrations and U.S. Fish and Wildlife to protect the environment.

With 100 acres of trails, observation areas, gardens, and exhibits, there is enough for more than a day of enjoying the outdoors and learning about the natural beauty of the butterfly.

  1. Mission Historical Museum

900 Doherty Ave

Mission, TX 78572


The Mission Historical Museum offers a chance for those of you who want to get out of the house, but not necessarily outside. Open since 2002, the museum maintains both short-term and long-term exhibits. They have regular events and programs for different age groups and there is always something for the whole family.

The museum is composed of two separate buildings, the Shary Building and the Post Office building. The former was built in 1939 by John H. Shary and has served as City Hall in its past. The post office was constructed a year later and the two were linked in 2013 in a landscaping project that also created an outdoors performance space.

One of the exhibits that will give visitors something to wonder about is the portrayal of what life was like for early ranchers. Another exhibit details the stories of the early families that helped establish Mission and how they paved the way for wha the city it has become.

Mission’s military history is also on display, with a focus on the heroes who have called this tremendous city their hometown. Sports fans can also get a look into the lives of figures like Leo “Najo” Alaniz and Tom Landry.

Mission Chamber members offer you a ton of options for you and your family to enjoy this Spring Break.

It’s good to know that there are options that are nearby for you and your family. There is whole lot more that other members of your Mission Chamber of Commerce have to offer. Feel free to check our members directory or contact us at 956-585-2727 with any questions or for ideas of where to enjoy your Spring Break.

Josh Stockel