Let Freedom Ring: Shopping on the 16 de Septiembre

16 de Septiembre is well known locally as not only Mexico’s Independence Day, but also as a great day to get some shopping in…especially in the City of Mission.

If you weren’t aware, the City of Mission has an array of shopping centers designed for those interested in quality products, modern fashion, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

One of the most interesting boutiques is Renee’s of Sharyland, located at 2600 East Griffin Parkway in Mission. This amazing shop dazzles with a wide assortment of purses, gifts, jewelry, shoes and clothes. You know from the second you walk through the door, that it’s going to be a unique shopping experience.

It’s also the perfect place to be if you want to add some pizazz or holiday spirit to your home décor. Renee’s of Sharyland offers fun, contemporary and unique pieces that will turn your living space into a conversation starter! Come to Renee’s for inspiration and original home decorating ideas.

If you’re searching for some dazzling jewelry that exudes style and confidence, then visit Tony’s Fine Jewelry, located at 709 N. Conway Avenue in Mission. Beyond excellent service, Tony’s Fine Jewelry also offers jewelry repair, customization, and cleaning, as well as dazzling gold and silver pieces.

There’s also Lucy’s Flowers & Gifts to bring a little sunshine into your home. Because what’s more elegant than a floral arrangement sitting majestically on your kitchen table? Focused on contemporary and traditional arrangements, Lucy’s Flowers & Gifts can brighten up any room and leave an intoxicating aroma all throughout your home. Visitors will be green with envy.

Or maybe you want to venture out a bit and give your tastebuds a glorious awakening. If this is the case, then take a trip over to The Loretto Bistro located at 1233 East Griffin Parkway, right in the heart of Mission. This upscale casual café is bringing the City of Mission an exquisite and savory taste by offering brunch and lunch menus.

If you’re getting your day started a little late, then consider taking a bite of the Bistro Breakfast Burger, which is absolutely smothered in flavor, from the potato bun to the bacon fried egg topped with white cheddar cheese and bacon hollandaise cheese fries.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, then try the Strawberry Pecan Salad from the lunch menu. This tasty treat includes fresh strawberries, mixed field greens, candied pecans, Feta cheese, grapes, and your choice of dressing. If you’re in need of a little bit of protein, then add some chicken or salmon for a few extra dollars.

Regardless of which menu you choose from, The Loretto Bistro offers an idyllic environment for you to rest and relax between your shopping stops in Mission.

If you relax too long and indulge too much, you may need a little pick-me-up. Well, The Loretto Bistro also offers some of the finest coffee Veracruz has to offer.

If coffee isn’t your cup of…tea…then how about some flavorful, high quality e-liquids? Vapes of Texas has just what you need with an assortment of vaping hardware and one-of-a-kind e-liquid flavors. In fact, you can even sample them before you purchase.

And so after a little coffee or vaping, you may just choose to pamper yourself (and your loved ones) just a tad bit more. Isn’t that what holiday’s are for?

Well, Renee’s once again has the perfect answer with the Spa & Salon at Renee’s. What better way to enjoy a day of freedom and bliss than by enjoying some of the pleasures of life. So whether it’s a refreshing spa treatment, a tantalizing massage, or a life changing haircut, the Spa & Salon at Renee’s is the ideal place to spend some time getting yourself ready for those 16 de Septiembre celebrations.

Or if you would rather pamper yourself at home, then consider going to Raden Cosmetics, located at 304 Nightingale Avenue in McAllen. With a tantalizing amount of Merle Norman cosmetic selections for your face, cheeks, eyes and lips, as well as skin products for your body (and even for men), Raden Cosmetics is a local favorite that’s guaranteed to have everything you need to make you look, and feel, like a beauty queen.

Remember, if you’re looking for a wonderful excursion to celebrate the 16 de Septiembre, then look no further than the City of Mission. With shops galore, and eateries to match, the City of Mission will be the perfect trip for you and your family.