Local Mission Businesses Take Flight with Help of Ruby Red Ventures

Starting a business can be a difficult task, but when you have a vision, sometimes you just have to follow your passion. However, when you consider the cost of maintenance, equipment, payroll, and a ton of other financial obligations, the amount of money needed to follow your dream can be a bit overwhelming. And with so many factors involved in developing a successful startup, a bit of financial assistance can be a load off your shoulders.

Luckily, the City of Mission is here to help those with well-planned business proposals start their own company. Ruby Red Ventures(RRV) is an initiative started by Mission EDC to promote small business growth within the City of Mission. The program is a highly competitive one and is designed for new or existing businesses. Participants apply, and if qualified, will go through a series of workshops to aid in developing their plan. In the end, candidates present their projects to a committee (in Shark Tank fashion), who then choose the competition’s winners.

Recent September winners of the competition include The Bryan House, Virtual Media Planners, The Dream Big Facility, and Banner Transit Services. Each start up was awarded $10,000 to help grow and pursue their vision of developing bountiful businesses.

  • The Bryan House has deep roots within the City of Mission. William Jennings Bryan was a well-known politician in the late 1800’s, who would travel down to Mission to escape the harsh winters of Illinois, where he eventually developed his grapefruit empire. Owned by Ariel King, the Bryan House has now been fully restored as a delightful bed and breakfast, and events center. Imagine having the perfect holiday party at such a historical establishment; your guests will be in awe! You can contact the Bryan House at (956) 330-7497 for more information.
  • Another winner, Virtual Media Planners, will help your small business in a BIG way. They are a marketing company geared to help lead companies in the right direction by planning and rolling out digital media marketing campaigns. Services include branding and marketing, video production, media management, and other marketing services. You can schedule a free consultation with them by visiting their website.
  • If you have ever wanted to develop your leadership skills, then Dream Big Facilities can help you become the leader you always knew you were. Operated by Ryan Krause and Bridgette McAdams, these international trainers, speakers, and executive coaches provide valuable business insight and know-how to RGV leaders looking for that extra push. Visit their website for more information about their services.
  • The final winner of the RRV’s most recent competition was Banner Transit Services. This unique company provides much needed transportation services for those needing to attend medical appointments, but without the costs and hassles of ambulatory services.

The Mission community is undoubtedly fortunate to have such innovative, forward minded, visionary entrepreneurs in the area. Helping to develop and improve local businesses is how your Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce strives to push our community’s prosperity.

If you’re interested in joining the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce and want to find out how we can help your business grow, contact us today at (956) 585-2727.

And once again…

Congratulations to all the recent Ruby Red Ventures winners. BRAVO!