Mission’s National Butterfly Center is Spreading its Wings

Here at the Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce, we’ve always known that there was something oh-so-special about Mission’s National Butterfly Center (NBC), and now the entire nation is going to know it too.

PBS’ Emmy award-winning series, “Nature,” is set to begin filming a brand new episode on butterflies at our very own National Butterfly Center in Mission.

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The 100-acre National Butterfly Center is the ideal location to film these graceful and amazing creatures, as it provides host and nectar plants that attract a bevy of butterflies and moths. In fact, nearly 150 butterfly species are native to our Rio Grande Valley. Plus, the NBC recently partnered with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to plant 12,000 plugs of rare grasses and endangered flowers, which will draw in hundreds of other species and critters.

Truly, the National Butterfly Center offers tourists and enthusiasts the best site in the country to find the highest number and variety of butterflies.

And all this in our own backyard.

Which means you don’t have to wait for filming and production to be completed before you can experience the grandeur of our local biosystems. All you have to do is step outside and travel down the road to the National Butterfly Center to dwell in the wonder of nature and wild butterflies.

While many may view butterflies simply as cute bugs that gently flutter from flower to flower, the truth is that they play a crucial role in the ecosystem as both pollinators and food.

This is exactly what the “Nature” episode will be focusing on.

While most people will naturally assume that bees perform the greatest feats of pollination, the reality is that butterflies are responsible for pollinating the bulk of plants crops, including native plants.

A decrease in butterfly diversity and population means native plants will disappear, which will have a profoundly negative effect on global warming, air quality, drought, and water quality.

Because butterflies are also vital food sources, especially for migratory songbirds, a stunted population can have a domino effect that wreaks havoc on the ecosystem.

The NBC is striving to prevent such disastrous results by providing butterflies with the gardens needed to ensure their survival, and PBS’ “Nature” is providing enormous support in this endeavor.

Filming is set to begin towards the end of October during the 21st Annual Texas Butterfly Festival, which coincides with the biennial members’ meeting of the North American Butterfly Association, parent organization of the NBC.

Marianna Trevino Wright, Executive Director of the National Butterfly Center, was interviewed and said, “The film crew is coming from Morocco to Mission…[they could’ve gone] anywhere in the world, and they’re coming to Mission, Texas.”

The National Butterfly Center is committed to “growing connections” between people, plants, and the winged wonders that pollinate and propagate all that grows around us.

Visit them at:

National Butterfly Center

3333 Butterfly Park Drive

Mission, TX 75872