Small Business News in Texas

There appears to be good news on the horizon for small businesses in Texas.

Just last week, state Rep. R.D. ‘Bobby’ Guerra publicized that he has the support of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) to help push forward House Bill 2248.

The bill is “related to the procedure for adoption by a state agency of rules that may have an adverse economic effect on small businesses and micro-businesses”.

The support of the nation’s eminent small business association will prove to be a vital asset to getting HB 2248 through legislation. Representing over 325,000 small businesses throughout the country, NFIB is a dedicated association of all things related to small business including taxes, regulations, and more.

The group recently argued in favor of HB 2248 to help persuade lawmakers to adopt the bill that would keep unnecessary regulations from punishing small businesses with costly taxes and fees. Ideally, the bill would also encourage small business creation across Texas.

The Texas branch of NFIB has continuosly proven itself to be a valuable partner by advocating for the state’s nearly 22,000 members. With over 4.4 million people employed by small business in Texas, which gross an average of $500,000 in sales, NFIB is ensuring that economic conditions and both federal and state tax laws and regulations do not inhibit their growth.

This is vital to Texas, and its economy, which is home to 2.4 million small businesses.

According to NFIB, small businesses generated $13.866 billion dollars in 2012 for the state of Texas. The sheer amount of economic benefits small business have brought the state (and truly the entire nation) is pivotal to continued economic growth.

One of the key elements of the bill is that if “a state agency is made aware that a proposed rule may have an adverse economic effect on small businesses or micro-businesses” then it will make the agency responsible for preparing “an economic impact state and a regulatory flexibility analysis”.

The analysis of any potential rule that could negatively affect small businesses would make agencies much more aware of their actions and help to encourage a better understanding of what businesses in Texas face.

Alongside this amazing news, last week the Small Business Administration of the Rio Grande Valley also held several awards ceremonies including one in Mission and one in Brownsville.

This year’s winners come from Mission; the award of Small Business Person of the Year for 2017 are Leodegario Neave, Elizabeth Neave, Abraham Neave and Abisaid Neave of JDG Jewelers.

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