Support Small Businesses in Your Community – March 29th

Support Small Businesses in Your Community on National Mom & Pops Business Owners Day – March 29th 

Large corporations often bombard us with advertisement after advertisement. From Valentine’s Day to the Fourth of July, Halloween to Christmas, customers flock to superstores only to deal with crazy crowds, long lines, fake deals, and general chaos.

Lost in that scramble are the 27 million plus small businesses you can find all around the nation – the “mom & pops” stores in our community.

Fortunately, there is one day every year, National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day on March 29th, that reminds us that there is more than just large corporations. Your Mission Chamber of Commerce knows that your neighborhood businesses have just as much to offer as the emperor anyway.

Mom’s and Pop’s History

Rick Segel started the holiday in 1997 in honor of his parents.  In 1939, his mother and father opened Ruth’s Hat Shop in Massachusetts – on March 29th of course. The business took on different forms during its existence, eventually becoming a women’s specialty clothing store.

Segel saw in his parent’s business what many people have come to appreciate in mom’s and pop’s stores; a commitment to service on a personal level and providing customers a product they can’t find anywhere else.

Mom and pop establishments constantly innovate and provide new ideas and products for people. They also do this without human interaction being lost in the process. They keep business fresh and personal in the face of a world that is increasingly becoming reliant on technology and machines.

This is possible because of all the time that small business owners put into their work. Smaller staffs and resources translate into longer hours and loaded schedules.

These mom and pop owners aren’t just cogs in a large corporate machine. They are visible and involved every day, and take great pride in providing quality customer service.

This March 29th, and at every chance you get, support your local mom and pop businesses by shopping at them, and don’t forget to use #Mom&PopBusinessOwnersDay when posting on social media.

If you don’t know where to start, give some of these local members of your Mission Chamber of Commerce a try.

  1. Renee’s of Sharyland

2600 East Griffin Parkway
Mission, TX

This wonderful place really has a little bit of everything. The boutique has a great selection of jewelry and apparel for anyone to peruse, with friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to help.

At the Spa and Salon at Renee’s, you can expect the same great customer service and amazing products like Aveda and Bumble and Bumble. There is also a coffeehouse for those of you who need your caffeine and some pleasant conversation.

Simply put, whether you’re in the mood for a glass of wine or something new to add to your look, Renee’s is a must-stop.

  1. Ace’s BBQ

2536 East Griffin Parkway

Mission, TX


If you happen to stop at Renee’s for just some one-on-one time with a stylist, you might leave a bit hungry and wondering where to eat. Lucky for you, Ace’s BBQ is quite literally almost next door.

The food is made slowly and with care at Ace’s, with every BBQ staple you can think of, from brisket to pulled pork on the menu. You can have those piled high on a plate for you, packed into a delicious sandwich, or into a monster baked potato.

You can also order catfish and shrimp if you’re in the mood for seafood. Don’t forget about the Mexican specialties like flautas and enchiladas on the menu.

Ace’s website boast a very humorous and truthful motto: “If you leave hungry, it’s your own fault!”

  1. The Health Nut

1615 East Griffin Parkway
Mission, TX 78572


You might feel guilty later in the day, or the next morning, for gorging on barbecue. Not to worry, just down the road is the Health Nut, which offers you the chance to work the guilt away and start some other tasty habits.

Owner Joaquin Pena sees his shop in Mission, and his other in McAllen, as health food stores aimed at providing products like fruit smoothies, juices, and meal replacement to help local residents improve their health. He also hopes to provide education to customers on how to better take care of their bodies.

  1. Belgart Vintage Treasures

709 N. Conway Ave.

Mission, Texas 78572


Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a unique present (because you deserve it).

Belgart Vintage in Mission offers a wide selection of new and used furniture, handmade jewelry, collectible antiques, clothes, beads, handcrafted items, and other unique finds you won’t see anywhere else. Come browse their specialty items and find out what makes Belgart so different.

  1. East Born Market

4508 N. Taylor Road

McAllen, Texas 78504


If you want locally grown, fresh, whole, raw, natural, and organic foods, then look no further than East Born Market. The retailer produces USDA certified organic citrus and vegetables of the highest quality. Their specialties include fresh squeezed citrus juices and they even recently added cold-pressed juices.

Earth Born Market’s products include a variety of delicious, unpasteurized juices, delectable raw natural honey, amazing gift fruit packages, and a wide variety of organic healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, bars, and granola. If you’re ready to better your health and participate in sustainable farming, Earth Born Market is your number one choice.

  1. Hands In Art Studio

613 North Conway Avenue
Mission, TX 78572

If you’re looking for an opportunity to express your creativity, then go to Hands in Art Studio. The business offers a variety of art workshops for both children and adults, taught by local artists and craftsmen. Workshops include, but are not limited to, ceramics, painting, woodwork, and more.

HIAS encourages family members and friends to come together and enjoy the stress-relieving and engaging workshops offered by experience guest artist. Groups can even bring their favorite beverages and snacks to enjoy an experience unlike anything else they might find locally. Come paint the day away at Hands In Art Studio.

  1. Laying Hands Massage Therapy

301 West Griffin Parkway
Mission, TX 78572

After a long and stressful day of shopping, eating, and enjoying the local businesses, you might find yourself a little tense. Griselda Perez at Laying Hands Massage Therapy can help to melt away those stress knots.

Services include therapeutic massages, which benefit individuals suffering from lower back injuries, pulled muscles, sciatic nerve discomfort, and spasms, as well as hot stone massages, facials, body scrubs, cellulite treatments, deep tissues massages, and even couples massages for when you want to enjoy the day with a loved one.

When you’re ready to feel like a new you and greatly reduce your stress and anxiety, make sure to pay Laying Hands Massage Therapy a visit.

Celebrate National Mom and Pops Business Owner Day with your Greater Mission Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t miss your opportunity to support these and other excellent local business on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. Feel free to contact your Mission Chamber of Commerce at 956.585.2727 or search our directory to see what the small businesses around you have to offer.